April 27-29,  2018

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Alpha Class for 2018 will be an aircraft design competition and exposition.  Teams are invited to
demonstrate their ability to quickly design, develop, and test a fast attack / sensor deployment UAV.  Each team will perform flight demonstrations of their prototypes, as well as host an exposition of their design to industry judges as well as spectators.

Objectives Flight Procedures and Scoring
Event Safety Requirements
Contest Day Information
Entry Form Format
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Teams are invited to respond to the following Statement of Work (SOW):  FAST ATTACK / SENSOR DEPLOYMENT UAV

Latest Document Revision
24 April 2018  New FAQ's

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Event Safety Requirements

Safety must be the number one priority of all contest participants. The Speedfest organizers have gone to great lengths to keep the event safe for participants and spectators.  Please carefully note the following:

Contest-Day Information Registration
During the designated time on the day of the event, flight crews must register.  Speedfest officials will then provide each with a flight line pass. Registration consists of the following:
Flight Sequence
Speedfest Marketing Video Award

Speedfest Teams that create promotional videos have the opportunity to be recognized at the event, and to receive awards.  Videos can promote: their team, airplane, university, country, Speedfest, or any combination of these in an entertaining and informative way.

Teams will send the YouTube link to their videos to SpeedfestAero email address no later than 7pm CST Monday,April 23, and the winner will be chosen by an appropriate method of electronic voting.   There are no restrictions on who may vote.  Votes will be accumulated from April 23, until Speedfest contest day.


Entry Form Format

For each team entered, send a separate email with the following information in the following format:

-  Academic institution name
-  Team Name
-  Team Contact email
-  Team Advisor email
-  Team Pilot email (if Speedfest pilot not being used)

In the Subject line of your email write:  “Alpha Class Speedfest Entry Request, (Team Name), (date)”

Subject line example:  Alpha Class Speedfest Entry Request, ZSU Zebras, 21Sept2012

Send entries to:  



Contest Site

Speedfest is held at the Unmanned Aircraft Flight Station (UAFS) in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  
GPS Location: lat=36.1632229 lon=-96.836514
Stillwater Oklahoma is approximately 75 miles from two major airports: Tulsa International Airport in Tulsa, OK,  and Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City, OK.  

Airfield Directions:  From all directions, the best way to get to the UAFS is to drive to the intersection of Hwy 51 (E 6th st.) and N. Clay Road (bulls-eye in map below). Then take Clay road north approximately 3.2 miles.  The UAFS is just north of the intersection of N. Clay Rd. and E. Airport Rd.  


Q:     How is runway distance measured for the Recover score or "operating footprint"?  Can different runways be used for takeoff and landing?
A:     Markers will be located defining 50 ft and 100 ft lengths of runway.  The mat and grass runways are adjacent, so either or both may be used for any given mission.  To receive the Recover score bonus, takeoff and landing (to a complete stop) must be conducted within the appropriate markers.  300 ft of total runway length is available and may be used if needed.

Q:     May any assist devices such as launchers or recovery systems be used?
A:     Yes.   The only restrictions are that the devices must be completely within the 50/100 ft runway sections, and that nothing may be staked into the mat.  If stakes are needed, the grass adjacent to the mat may be used.  Any launch or recovery devices must be installed and removed during a team's operating window.   They may not be left in place.

Q:    Item 3 referring to Objective 5.5 seems to say we need to use the same amount of fuel in the missions as in the range mission.  Is this correct?
A:    Item 3 is poorly written.  The intent of the rule in Objective 5.5 is that teams do not change configuration from mission to mission.  For example, using one type of fuel tank for range missions and another type for Speedfest missions.  The rule is not intended to dictate how much fuel teams must carry each mission.  Teams may carry any fuel amount they wish for any mission.