April 27-29,  2018
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Speedfest VIII featured three competition classes:

Alpha Class:   Design a high-speed unmanned stealth jet aircraft that is capable of evading doppler radar, and deploying two payloads accurately into a designated area.

India Class:   There are Uproar Stock and Modified classes for designing and building pylon racing aircraft based on a 2-stroke OS .46 AXII glow fuel engine.

Charlie Class:  New for Speedfest VIII, Charlie class featured autonomous 1/8 off road racing cars.

In addition to the flight competition, Speedfest included an Aero Expo that features interesting static displays and flight demonstrations.   The displays and demonstrations included:

The Speedfest main event was held from April 27-29, 2018.   Friday was early technical inspection, flight test, registration, and a cookout for the teams.  Weather was beautiful, and several teams were able to attend and get in some practice flights.  Saturday was competition day, and the weather was perfect for competition.  Four Alpha Class, 13 India Class, and 3 Charlie Class teams competed and achieved flight scores on competition day.  

Participation and Attendance

Based on gate count and registrations, estimated counts are:  over 184 direct student participants, 12 college faculty, 17 High School faculty and an overall count including spectators of at least 850.  


Final Standings for Alpha Class:
  1. Oklahoma State University Black "Wraith" 
  2. Oklahoma State University Orange "Ace of Diamonds"  
  3. University of Kentucky "Spirit KATS"
  4. St. Louis University "Danger Zone"     

Final Standings for India Class:

Cup Rank STOCK Rank Overall Score Rank Team Best
Overall Score
1 1

OCS Saints

20 136
2 2 Tishomingo High School 19 127
3 1 3

Meeker High School

18 117
4 2 4


18 111
5 3 6

Hydro-Eakly High School

18 104
6 4 8

Meridian Technology Center

18 84
7 5 9

Jenks Middle School

16 81
8 11 Canadian Valley Technology Center - Chickasha 16 50
9 6 5

Mustang High School

15 105
10 7

Francis Tuttle Technology Center Silver Falcons

15 86

Moore Norman Technology Center


Cushing High School

13 9 12

Elgin High School

11 21
14 14

Francis Tuttle Tech Purple Falcons

*NOTE:  Tie breaker in cup rank is overall score.  Tie breaker in overall score is video score

 India teams could also compete for additional awards.  Judges consisted of aerospace engineering students from the OSU student chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.  Pictures and videos of the teams and planes can be found in the "Pictures" and "Video" sections below.  The following are the results:

Best Airplane Build:  
Oklahoma Christian School.  Quality of construction was judged by technical inspection judges.  It was a close vote between the OCS and Tishomingo teams..

Best Airplane Graphics:  
Tishomingo 580-Squadron.  The Tishomingo airplane had an excellent Thunderbirds covering scheme.  

Best Helmet:       NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium MTPE.  The MTPE flight team wore helmets with a flame mohawk, that lit up with LED lights.

Team Spirit:  Meridian Tech Center.  The judges felt that the team best demonstrated team spirit and sportsmanship with thier positive attitude, overcoming obstacles.


Click here for pictures of the event
Dick Weast, Ernie Robinson, and Jamey Jacob)

Speedfest VIII featured a required competition category for 2 minute promotional videos.  People from around the world voted for their favorite.  Awards were based on the highest number of votes.
 All videos can be seen on our Facebook page.  The two winning videos are here:

OSU Orange "Ace of Diamonds"
 (Winner, best video Alpha Class)

Tishomingo  (Winner, best video India Class)

Thank You
Speedfest VIII was a great success thanks to all of the hard work of the students, pilots, organizations, and dozens of volunteers.  In addition to the sponsors recognized in the logo block, the Speedfest organizers would like to thank the following organizations for thier assistance:

Stillwater RC Flyers
Student chapter of AIAA
OSU Student Government Association