April 25-27,  2014

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University Multispectral Labs (UML), Oklahoma State University, NASA OK Space Grant Consortium, Zivko Aeronautics, Spirit AeroSystems, AUVSI
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Speedfest IV featured two racing classes: Alpha (Advanced) Class which is open to collegiate teams, and India (Invitational) class, which is open to high school teams.  A total of 12 teams competed in Speedfest IV, including well over 150 students and teachers.   The official gate count was over 585 people.  Winds for the day were gusting to 38 mph making the race challenging, however both Alpha and India class teams were up to the challenge.

Alpha class teams developed internal combustion-powered airplanes that were optimized for two missions:  A climb mission that required a maximum performance climb for 10 seconds, at which time a golf ball payload was released.  The time it took the payload to reach the ground was how much time the team had to complete as many pylon laps as possible during mission 2.  Both teams used custom gliders to minimize the sink rate of the payload.  Top speeds of the pylon racers approached 150 mph, with g-loads in the turns of over 20.   After a total of 8 flight opportunities, both teams were tied at 27 laps until late in the day when Black team posted a 29.   Results were as follows:

Final Standings for Alpha Class:
  1. Oklahoma State Universtity Black     (29 flags)
  2. Oklahoma State University Orange   (27 flags)
India Class teams were challenged with the fabrication of an "Uproar" airplane kit with a .46 cubic inch, 2-stroke engine.  The planes flew head-to-head in heats of up to 3 planes at a time.  10 teams entered Speedfest in the India class, and 8 scored, and teams were given a total of 7 flight opportunities.  Competition was close, with the top score being a 14, and a tie at 13 flags for second.   This year overall flags for the contest served as tiebreaker. GPTC Frigates took an uncontested lead of 14 flags for first place.  GPTC was also Overall Score Champion with a score of  77.   Close behind, were Westmore Jaguars (13 max,  75 overall), MTC Pegasus (13 max, 62 overall), and Choctaw E&T (13 max, 59 overall)

Final Standings for India Class:

Overall Score Champion:    Great Plains Tech Center Frigates  (77 total flags)
  1. Great Plains Tech Center Frigates                      (14 max flags, 77 total)
  2. Westmoore High School Jaguars                        (13 max flags, 75 total)
  3. Meridian Technology Center Pegasus                (13 max flags, 62 total)
  4. Choctaw High School Choctaw E&T                   (13 max flags, 59 total)
  5. Tulsa Tech Center Raptors                                   (12 max flags, 44 total)
  6. Gordon Cooper Technology Center GCI             (11 max flags, 41 total)
  7. Meeker High School Pteradogeagles                 (10 max flags, 10 total)
  8. Gordon Cooper Technology Center Skyraiders (2 max flags, 2 total)
  9. Drumright High School Tornadoes
 India teams could compete for additional awards.  Judges consisted of aerospace engineering students from the OSU student chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.  Pictures and videos of the teams and planes can be found in the "Pictures" and "Video" sections below.  The following are the results:

Best Airplane Build:  GPTC Frigates.  Quality of construction was judged by technical inspection judges.  The Frigates team airplane was well built, and well convered.  It also included innovative features such as wheel pants, gear fairings, a streamlined engine cowl, and a custom canopy with turtledeck.

Best Airplane Graphics:  Meridian Tech Center, Pegasus.  The Pegasus team went with a classic Pac-Man theme for 2014

Best Helmet:       Gorgon Cooper Tech Center GC Industries.  The judges really liked the Iron Man theme of the helmets that matched the airplane.  The Iron Man logo was hand painted on the helmets.

Team Spirit:  Westmoore Jaguars.  The judges felt that the Jaguars team best demonstrated team spirit and sportsmanship with thier positive attitude, assistance to other teams, and excellent airplane.


Click here for pictures of the event
(Courtesy Ernie Robinson and Dick Weast)
Click here for pictures of the event
(Courtesy Thomas Hays)

Speedfest IV featured a required competition category for 2 minute promotional videos.  People from around the world voted for their favorite.  Awards were based on the highest number of votes. Click on a link to watch the short video:

            ALPHA Class
                Orange Team  (Best Video Winner, Alpha Class)
                Black Team

            INDIA Class
                Frigates  (Best Video Winner, India Class)
                Choctaw E&T
                TTC Raptors
                GCTC SkyRaiders
                Gordon Cooper Industries

Thank You
Speedfest IV was a great success thanks to all of the hard work of the students, pilots, organizations, and dozens of volunteers.  In addition to the sponsors recognized in the logo block, the Speedfest organizers would like to thank the following organizations for thier assistance:

Stillwater RC Flyers
Oklahoma Civil Air Patrol
Student chapter of AIAA
Stillwater Chamber of Commerce
OSU Student Government Association