April 28th and 29th,  2012

Hosted By:

University Multispectral Labs (UML), Oklahoma State University, NASA OK Space Grant Consortium, Zivko Aeronautics, Spirit AeroSystems, AUVSI
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    Speedfest is an exciting, high-speed aircraft competition which is intended to foster enthusiasm for aviation and unmanned aircraft design, and was created in 2011 with Speedfest I.
    Speedfest II introduced two new racing classes: Alpha (Advanced) Class which for the first time was open to all collegiate teams, and India (Invitational) class, which is open to high school teams.  A total of 10 teams competed in Speedfest II, including well over 100 students and teachers.  Speedfest II also featured demonstrational flights including: aerobatics of helicopters and airplanes, giant scale warbirds, scale jets, a helicopter flying on autopilot, small scale electric warbird combat, and flyovers of several manned aircraft.  
The official gate count for Speedfest II was over 900 people, which represents a 20% growth from Speedfest I.

    Alpha class teams developed airplanes that were capable of vertical takeoff, high speed pylon racing, and remote banner deployment.  The airplanes were quite challenging to design, fabricate, and fly.  Peak power of the Alpha class vehicles in Speedfest II reached over 3500 Watts, along with speeds of 180 mph, and g-loads approaching 40.  Supersonic tip speeds of the airplanes resulted in airplanes that literally "screamed."  Standings for the Alpha Class teams were as follows:

Final Standings for Alpha Class:

Oklahoma State University Orange
Oklahoma State Universtity Black
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Eagles

    India Class teams were challenged with the fabrication of an Uproar airplane kit with a .46 cubic inch, 2-stroke engine.  The planes flew head-to-head in heats of up to 3 planes at a time.  All India class teams were successful in bringing competitive airplanes to the event, and the spread of scores between 1st place and 6th was only 11%.

Final Standings for India Class:

1) Oklahoma Christian Saints
2) Clinton High School Red Barons
3) Meridian Technology Center Pegasus
4) Yukon High School Millers
5) Great Plains Tech Center Frigates
6) Claremore High School Zebras
6) Francis Tuttle Tech Falcons


Click here for pictures of the event
(Courtesy Dick Weast)

Speedfest II featured a new optional competition category for 2 minute promotional videos.  1320 people from around the world voted for their favorite.  The winner was the OSU Black team.  Listed in order of votes, are links to the 2012 entries.  Click on a link to watch the short video:

OSU Black
OSU Orange
GPTC Team Frigates

Thank You
Speedfest II was a great success thanks to all of the hard work of the students, pilots, organizations, and dozens of volunteers.  In addition to the sponsors recognized in the Speedfest II logo block, the Speedfest organizers would like to thank the following organizations for thier assistance:

Stillwater RC Flyers
Oklahoma Civil Air Patrol
OK Sooner Squadron
Stillwater Chamber of Commerce
OSU Student Government Association